We are surveying parents to determine if you would like to remain face to face/virtual or to change your mode of learning as we move into our 2nd semester in February. Beginning in February, all of Olanta Magnet’s face to face and virtual students will be served by teachers on campus. We are using these number to help us plan for any changed needed. This form is due by midnight on January 19th. Thanks for completing.


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 Welcome to BEARCAT Country!

 Olanta Creative Arts and Science
Magnet School


     At Olanta Creative Arts and Environmental Science Magnet School, our students experience a wonderful and unique educational experience through the exploration of the creative arts & environmental science world!  Our educational focus provides a rigorous, hands-on real world learning environment where we are committed to:

•Knowing our students well-being--academically, culturally, socially, and emotionally

•Learning about each student’s families, cultures, and interests

•Fostering a sense of strong community

•Ensuring a safe, nurturing, and inviting environment

•Having high expectations for ALL

•Inspiring Creativity, Promoting Collaboration, Engaging Critical Thinking & Problem Solving, and Promoting Effective Communication

Olanta Creative Arts & Science Magnet School is a premier school of choice that provides personal learning through a rigorous science integrated curriculum that infuses the arts in unique, specialized educational experiences.

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Phone: (843) 396-4457  Fax: (843) 396-9512